Rasta Metal Smoking Pipe

  • This metal chamber pipe has been decorated with strips and ovals of shiny reflective parts which catch the light and twinkle and glint like stars in an only slightly muddy pond.
  • The windproof lid of this pipe allows you to enjoy a smoke of your favourite herbs or flavored tobaccos even in blustery conditions.
  • All the parts from the mouthpiece, shaft, bowl and lid are standard-sized and removable so it is easy to clean and find spare parts or add-ons for.
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Product Description

Rasta design metal pipe .no two pipes comes the same. all our pipes are unique and wont be seen by anyone else but you.
You are buying one brand new pocket palm size Smoking Pipe for tobacco or any kinds of dry herb leaves. This pipe is made of stainless metal, and can be easily removable into 5 parts for cleaning.
Metal smoker’s pipes are typically made from lamp parts. At www.the420culture.com, you can find steel, brass, anodized aluminum and nickel plated brass pipes. Because metal conducts heat, our pipes have rubber, plastic, wood or other non conductive grips on the outside of the pipe so you can use them comfortably. The use of interchangeable parts for optimization is of particular utility to the regular smoker. Threaded metal bowls and lids for storage of unused smoking material make metal pipes ideal for travel. Chambered metal pipes are particularly popular as the chamber is a convenient way to store additional smoking material. Metal pipes are (for the most part) inexpensive and indestructible.

One rasta smoking metal pipe
will last if well cleaned and maintained.
available in different designs

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