The award-winning honeypuff incredibowl i420 uses revolutionary engineering to provide smoother, cooler, easier hits while our patented filtration system practically eliminates the inhalation of harmful tars and resins. Add to that the honeypuff Incredibowl i420’s virtually indestructible design, simple cleaning, and lifetime warranty, and it’s easy to see why its one of the highest rated products in any smoke shop. The honeypuff Incredibowl i420 won 2nd Place for Best Product at the 2009 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup.

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Product Description

  1. Enjoy the full flavors and potency of your smoke on the go with the Incredibowl m420! made by HONEY PUFF
    Get mind-blowing performance, patented filtration, rugged design, and simple cleaning of the Incredibowl i420 with the pocket-sized mini. The Incredibowl m420 won 1st Place for Best Product at the 2011 Denver Cannabis Cup.

    The HONEYPUFF Mini m420 Features:

    • Made for Dry Herbs
    • Pocket-Sized Design
    • Shatterproof Polycarbonate Chamber
    • Bowl with Built-In Glass Screen
    • Precision-Machined, High-Grade Aluminum Components
    • Patented Filtration System
    • Available in 10+ Colors
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Lifetime Warranty

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