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Yes , we only sell original products and all our “RAW” products has been acredited by the owner of raw rolling papers Mr Josh !!! He has certified all our products as authentic and has acredited us as his official distributor of raw rolling papers in Nigeria.

Yes we have warranty on all electronic based products . Please ask us when purchasing them from our site.

Sadly we do not ship internationally , except to neighbouring countries like Ghana and Togo.

We deliver straight to your door within lagos . Dhl is our official courier and they are in charge of some of our deliveries interstate . However we engage the services of God is good motors for some perculiar states.

Same day delivery within Lagos, next day delivery outside Lagos.

Yes , depending on when payment is confirmed and when you pay . If you pay in the morning or pay on delivery , you can be sure to get it on the same day.

You can choose from the different payment methods available on 420cultureng. Please find below the list of available payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer Deposit
  • Credit/Debit Card

You can find the payment methods during the final step of checkout in detail. Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service for more information

Step 1: Log your return request

  1. Option 1: Go to Contact us and complete the form.
  2. Option 2: Call our customer care at 08023062651 or contact us here to create your return.

Step 2: Pack your product

  • Pack your product according to the return conditions.
  • Include all tags, accessories or free gifts you received

Step 3: Return your product

  1. If you requested a pickup, we will contact you to arrange a pickup time.
  2. If you selected a drop-off station, please drop your package at your selected drop off station following the given instructions (no shipping charges will apply).

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